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Czech Switzerland | Arnoltice The village Arnoltice can be found in the unique region of the national park Bohemian Switzerland 12 kilometres northeast of DěčĂ­n. …

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Bad Schandau

Saxon Switzerland | Bad Schandau The border town is the biggesst in Saxon Switzerland and is one of the starting points for the tourists for wandering through Saxon…

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Benešov nad Ploučnicí

Šluknovsko and Lužické mountains | Benešov na PloučnicĂ­ The picturesque town Benešov nad PloučnicĂ­Â is situated at the junction of the rivers Ploučnice and Bystrá. In the 13th…

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Czech Switzerland | BrtnĂ­ky The first mentions of the village date back to 1346. This picturesque village is situated in the middle of meadows and fields in the…

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Šluknovsko and Lužické mountains |   Chřibská On the border of preserved landscape areas LužickĂ© mountains, LabskĂ© sandstones and National park Bohemian Switzerland there is a…

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Česká Kamenice

Šluknovsko and Lužické mountains |  Česká Kamenice The old town Česká Kamenice can be found 20 kms north-east of DěčĂ­n on the boundary of LabskĂ© sandstones, LužickĂ© mountains…

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Czech Switzerland | DěčĂ­n DěčĂ­n is situated in the valley on both banks of the Elbe river and its parts are spreading up the hills around. According to many…

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Czech Switzerland | Doubice Doubice is situated in a romantic valley surrounded by the woods in the north-east of Chřibská. The beginning of the village is connected…

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Horní Podluží

Šluknovsko and Lužické mountains | HornĂ­ PodlužĂ­ HornĂ­ PodlužĂ­ is situated very close to JiřetĂ­n pod Jedlovou, south-west of Varnsdorf. The village was found probably in the…

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Czech Switzerland | Hřensko The small village Hřensko on the  German border makes the entrance gate to the National park Bohemian Switzerland. The road from…

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