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Mírové náměstí 1175/5
405 38 Děčín IV

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Děčín is situated in the valley on both banks of the Elbe river  and its parts are spreading up the hills around.  According to many visitors and local people, it is one of the most beautiful towns in our country. It is the lowest situated town of the republic, its altitude is 135 m above the sea.  The view of the town itself is very interesting experience. On one side, on the rock you can see Děčínský castle and opposite across the river on the rock 150 m high there is a small castle, the restaurant Pastýřská stěna from where you will have a wonderful view of the whole town. These two dominating features are divided by the Elbe river whose banks are connected with vaulted Tyršův bridge.  Walking in the woods of Pastýřská stěna you can also visit Děčín´s zoo garden,  have a drink in the restaurant or go to have fun in the centre of the town. Děčín is the biggest entrance gate to the Bohemian Switzerland and Labské sandstones, that is why it is called "the gate of the north Bohemia".

The history of the beginning of the town dates back to the 7th and 8th century when first farmers came to the area of Děčín´s valley to settle down. In the 10th century up on the rock above the confluence of the rivers Elbe and Ploučnice the wooden fortress was built there and it was used as an administrative and army centre. It was also supposed to protect the Elbe´ waterway and collect the duty from the salt floated on the Elbe  river. The inhabitants were mostly poor, their most important living was the ship´s transport, the ship´s construction and  the Elbe´ fishing. The beginning of the town itself dates back to the end of the 13th century when the king´s town was found by Přemysl Otakar II. on the Mariánská meadow, the south of the castle. During the long history of the town its owners had been changing several times and the castle went through several reconstructions up to today´s appearance. The biggest development of the town came during the reign of the Thun-Hohenstein family who saw an increase through the industrial companies in Děčín as well as in Podmokly. Děčín and Podmokly developed as two individual towns that were put together in the town of Děčín in 1945 after the World War II. The fundamental turn in the town´s increase was opening the railway Praha - Dresden in 1851. As the time passed the town changed into a very important transport junction of river and rail transport. Both towns were connected by the chain bridge so Děčín would have been accesible by the rail.  The original chain bridge belonged among the biggest ones in our republic and in 1933 it was replaced by today´s Tyršův bridge. Děčín is sometimes called the town of the bridges, there are 20 bridges in Děčín´s region. Nine of them are considered as the technical unique. The oldest one is the stone bridge over the Ploučnice river from 1569. Very interesting bridge is so called "Ovčí můstek" (Sheep´s bridge) that the owner of the manor of the time  Günter z Bünau let built in 1561. The bridge over the Ploučnice river was built with very high span because of spreading the grazing lands for sheep and also maybe for protection against the floods and floating the lumber. The legend says that the manor´s owner let the bridge built so the rustic carriages could not have used the bridge because they refused to work on the bridge´s construction.

Every visitor of Děčín should not miss the visit of Děčín´s castle.  The entrance itself is very interesting - "the Long ride", 292 m long road bordering with the walls 7,5 m high. The part of the movie "Oznamuje se láskám vašim" was shot there. From Děčín´s castle you can get into the Rose garden, the perfect place for the rest, walk among the statues and rose flowerbeds. You can sit on the garden benches while listening to the live music. There is also a nice view of the town.

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Boat Decin, ZOO Děčín, Děčín´s castle and Rose garden, Pastýřská stěna, Rozhledna Chlum

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