Děčínský Sněžník

Description of touristic attraction

Děčínský Sněžník

At a height of 723 meters, Děčínský Sněžník rieses about the town of Děčín. It is located on the highest mesa in the country. There is a view tower on the mountian with the same name as the mountain itself, Děčínský Sněžník. Děčínský Sněžník is attractive not only for the magical view of Lužické mountains and Czech Saxon Switzerland but also for its unique air quality. Thanks to the thermal air currents around the mesa, the local air mixes with winds blown in from the north sea. The dry thermals mixed with the  fresh sea air make for an especially healthy air quality. The local people refer to the area as an “air spa”
In 1864 František Thun had the tower built according to the plans of architect Hanel. At its beginning it was built for geographical purposes. It was used by surveyors from Austria, Prussia and Saxony. With the increase of tourism Count Thun decided to open the view tower to tourists and he hired a guard to collect an entrance fee. As time passed, the view tower became very popular and a restaurant was built.

Basic information:

Location: Děčín, Jílové u Děčína

By car you go 1.5kms to the view tower (either from Děčín or Jílové u děčína). You will find a paid parking lot. Walking to the top is allowed only on the paved pathway. On the top there is a restaurant buffet.

GPS: 50.791922N 14.106145E