Dolský mill (Dolský mlýn)

In the canyon of The Kamenice  River you can find a romantic place, the ruins of a former mill. The mill is well known mainly from the fairy tale “A proud princess”. The surroundings of the mill and the Kamenice river make for a very charming place. In summer the sun shines through the thick tree tops, you can see lots of fish in a crystal clear water and the whole place makes you feel your in a fairy tale.

Many years ago Dolský mill was the most important mill in the region. Later it was used as a restaurant at the lower stop of the boat ride to the southern part of Srbskokamenická pass. The pass was later called Ferdinand´s pass. It was named after Ferdinand d´Este, the successor to the Austro-Hungarian throne. The place is a crossroad of tourist trails. If you go along the river up stream you come to a small bridge built in beginning of the 20th century. It is interesting in that it is the first concrete-steel structure in former Austria-Hungary. Near the bridge you can find a picturesque meadow, nestled in the rocks, surrounded by deep woods. There you can listen to the river´s murmur and the birds singing. You can get to the lower part of  Ferdinand´s pass which is unused these days. Visiting this place will be a very interesting experience for sure.

Basic information:

Location: 1 km from Vysoká Lípa, 3 km west of Jetřichovice  and 1 km east of Kamenické hillsides.

Directions:  From Vysoká Lípa and Srbská Kamenice follow the blue tourist trail, from Kamenická hillside the green one and from Jetřichovice the yellow one.

Opening hours:  Open throughout the year.

GPS: 50.848613N 14.347484E