Tiské walls (Tiské stěny)

On the edge of the Labské sandstones in the village Tisá  where you can find a picturesque sandstone town.  While walking through this town you will be surprised by the bizarre shapes of the rocks that will remind you of faces, animals and other things. Let your fantasy flow in this rocky empire. Enjoy the beautiful contrast between the blue sky and the earth, covered with sand and sandstone colored brown, yellow and sometimes even white. The area used to be accessible only with a guide but nowadays you can get there on your own following marked paths.
In the 19th century it used to be a messy labyrinth of rocks that no one visited. There was a story about a French nobleman, Leduquin, and bad cruel dwarves told about this place so that people would hire guides. The prohibition of the entrance without a guide was cancelled in 1918. These days you do not have to be afraid, no bad and cruel dwarves live there anymore.

A legend about a nobleman, Leduquin, and the bad cruel dwarves:
During the French revolution a nobleman named Leduquin escaped from his home, France. By chance he got to Tisá . He brought a big treasure with him. It is said it was a family treasure and he buried it in the rocks. After some time he wanted to take the treasure out but he became lost in the rock labyrinth and was unable to find it. He was looking for the treasure for a long long time. He was looking and looking for it but did not find it. Poor guy, he went crazy because of all that searching. Then, not to die of hunger, he healed a farmer’s cow for free! The farmer feed him. But where was the farmer’s daughter? The legend tells that the bad dwarves were guarding that treasure.  The bad dwarves would also sprinkle  “the lost spice” into anyone’s pockets who  search for the treasure and they would never find a way out. That’s why you should be careful and follow only the marked trails. You never know…!

Basic information:

Location: Tisá

Directions:  From the village centre follow the signs.

By car: From Děčín you go to Sněžník and then to Tisá. From Jílové u Děčína and Ustí nad Labem you go to Libouchec and then to Tisá.

Opening hours: Opened throughout the year

GPS: 50.787650N 14.028771E