The Mountain Chateau Sokolí Hnízdo

It’s difficult to imagine Pravčicka gate without the Mountain chateau, Sokolí hnizdo. At the start of tourism in the Pravčická area there was a house, covered in rind, which served as a bar. Then, in 1818, Prince Edmund Clary-Aldringen, the owner of the manor, commissioned the chateau Sokoli Hinizdo to be built. He invited workers from Italy to do the construction simply because they were the cheapest he could find. The whole castle was built in less than a year which at that time was a record-breaking achievement. A few years later trails and railings were constructed to near-by rocky viewpoints. Soon a restaurant was built and entrance fees collected. The road from Hřensko, “the Pelagiasteig”, was paved in the 1970’s and the trail to Mezni Louka was constructed. The first tourists to the area came from the upper and aristocratic classes. And although the trail from Hřensko to Pravčicka gate is only a few kilometers long, it was common to hire mules and or porters for the journey.

Basic information:

The trail from Hřensko to Pravčicka Gate starts from either of two different parking lots. One is in Hřensko behind the Klepáč restaurant. This is a paid parking lot. The other is located in Mezni Louka beside the Hotel Mezni Louka. The trail is well marked with red tourist markers.

Opening hours:
April to October: daily 10:00 to 18:00
November to March: Saturday, Sunday only 10:00 to 16:00

GPS: 50.884235N 14.281635E