Děčín´s castle and Rose garden

Decin’s castle and it’s beautiful rose garden are situated on the rocks above the confluence of the Elbe and Ploučnice rivers. It’s history began in the 10th century when a wooden fortification was built to serve as the main seat of Děčin province. In the 13th century the fortification was rebuilt as the kings castle. The Thun-Hohenstine family owned the castle from 1628-1932. During that time the family rebuilt the castle many times into it’s present appearance.
During the 19th century the castle became the center of cultural and political life. The Thun family was related to František Ferdinand d’Este, successor to the Austro-Hungarian throne. After his assassination in Sarajevo his children moved to the castle. The Thun family kept close relations with many well-known artists. One of the most famous artists to visit the castle was Fryderik Chopin.
In 1932, because of financial reasons, the family was forced to sell the castle to the Czechoslovak state. The Czechoslovak state turned it into an army barracks. In the following years different Armies occupied the castle-Czechoslovak, German, then Czechoslovak again and then from 1968 to 1991 the Russian army. In 1991 the castle became the property of the town of Děčín. At that time the reconstruction of the castle was started.
The rose garden at the castle provides a beautiful view of the city of Děčín.

Basic information:

Location:  the centre of Děčín


You can get to the castle as well as the rose garden by following the “long drive” a 292- meter long road surrounded by 7.5 meter high walls. To walk up this road is an interesting experience.

GPS: 50.779214N 14.210453E